All tenant companies have access to the following communal services:

General Information

  • Compound surrounded by a three-metre, 20-cm thick concrete wall topped by one-metre barbed wire.
  • Total area: 36,736 m²
  • 10,000 m² car park and marshalling yards.
  • Communal parking. In addition to private parking, there are 40 communal parking places for staff working at the industrial estate.
  • All buildings and offices, as well as outdoor facilities, are supplied with electricity and equipped with light fittings.
  • 60,000 kg lorry scale.
  • 750 m³ rainwater tank for fire-fighting plus connection to the water supply system.
  • Drinking water supply.

Loading/Unloading Service

  • The industrial estate is equipped with loading and unloading equipment -1 Volvo L-70 wheel loader and 2 forklift trucks LINDE H-20 & H-12- with all the required accessories to load and unload any goods.
  • This equipment is made available to all tenant companies, thus eliminating the need to rent machinery.

Maintenance Services

  • The industrial estate has a well-equipped tooling shop managed by a Maintenance Officer, a qualified electrician and mechanic, who is primarily responsible for the care and maintenance of all communal facilities.
  • He will also provide ad hoc assistance to any tenant company if it were needed.


Security Services

  • 24 hour security is included in the rental agreement.
  • Moreover, the entire estate is enclosed by a three-metre wall, isolating the industrial units from the exterior.

Fire-fighting Services

  • The entire estate is equipped with a FIRE-FIGHTING SYSTEM, including outdoor fire hydrants and standpipe cabinets within the industrial units.
  • The units are also equipped with a fire sprinkler system (dry pipe sprinkler system with open sprinkler heads).

Administrative Services

  • The Administrator’s office is located within the industrial estate. He is responsible for oversight and management of all the facilities, ensuring the equipment is in perfect condition, and resolution of any problems that may arise.